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  • Grand Shopping Center Innovated Marketing Models to Promot Digital Transformation


    During the outbreak of the COVID-19, the offline service industry was greatly affected. With an aim to seek for new opportunities, based on the current consumption status, Grand Shopping Center Nangang Store adopts innovative marketing methods and builds online channels such as Grand Cloud Mall App + livestreaming + community. This contributes to explore diverse possibilities of corporate marketing innovative models and provide customers with new scenarios and means for consumption, thus conducing to promot online and offline integration, and accelerate digital transformation of Grand Shopping Center.

    Previously, Grand Shopping Center has provided its members with services by means of WeChat Official Platform, WeChat community, and corporate WeChat ID and other online forms. The newly Cloud Mall Livestreaming is another efficient way of awakening its own users, as well as one of the online equivalent extension methods of offline experience. It optimizes the display of products, and is an innovative cross-border attempt for Grand Shopping Center under the social background of video content consumption.

    In the livestreaming of “Love Cloud Show”, Grand Shopping Center takes the initiative to invite online celebrities to carry out influencer marketing in the livestreaming room of Grand Cloud Shopping Center. In this way, Grand Cloud Shopping Center can attract potential customers in virtue of celebrities’ appeal and influence. Meanwhile, Grand Shopping Center also conducted detailed screening on livestreaming products, so as to help customers conduct preliminary research, optimize decision-making time, avoid selection obstacles, and improve user experience.


    By utilizing livestreaming, a new type of interactive mode, Grand Shopping Center is able to enrich consumer landing scenarios, break time and space restrictions, and efficiently draw attention of clients. From a more profound perspective of business model switching, it not only realizes the transformation of consumers from “go away after buying” to “surrounding and watching while shopping”, but also opens up a new digital marketing model. In the near future, livestreaming will be still as a new way of acquiring customers and selling in commercial complexes, and render in-depth integration with commercial circles.

    Being a subsidiary of China Grand Enterprises, Grand Shopping Center Nangang Store is a high-end department store that integrates more than two decades of good development experience and forward-looking unique business logic and business model. With a keen sense of business sense and advanced strategic vision, the Company has continuously developed business opportunities in China. In the near future, Grand Shopping Center will continue to follow industry changes and trends, give play to its own experience advantages, resource advantages and platform advantages, so as to provide consumers with unique consumption experiences and interesting marketing activities.