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  • Globally innovative products Atectura® and Enerzair® developed by Grand Pharma officially enter the domestic market


    On September 3, 2022, Beijing Grand Johamu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, one member enterprise in the respiratory and anti-severe-infection plate owned by Grand Pharma Group Co., Ltd. (0512.HK) (briefly known as Grand Pharma), held a product launch event for two globally innovative compound preparations for treating asthma, i.e. Atectura® and Enerzair® in eight cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Xi'an, Shenyang and Yantai simultaneously.

    It is reported that both innovative products have already received the approval to enter the market from National Medical Products Administration (NMPA). Both will become a new generation of inhaled preparations which expectedly will further increase the patient's compliance by merely taking one dosage per day.image.png

    Photo: Some experts attending the event congratulate the official launch of Atectura® and Enerzair®

    More than 80 experts and 5,000 plus doctors in the respiratory field including Wang Chen, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor Qu Jieming, chairman of Chinese Society of Respiratory Diseases, Professor Chen Rongchang, former chairman of Chinese Society of Respiratory Diseases, Professor Cao Bin, chairman designate of Chinese Society of Respiratory Diseases, Professor Richard, chairman of South African Thoracic Society participated in the product launch meeting both at the scene and online. The attending experts expressed their congratulations to the launch of Atectura® and Enerzair®, and expected that these two products can effectively improve the control rate of Chinese asthma patients and contribute to the realization of “Healthy China 2030”as soon as possible.

    Grand Pharma owns almost ten on-sale products in the respiratory and anti-severe-infection plate for multiple indications including rhinitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis and pneumonia. It is also planning four products which are currently under development for indications like allergic rhinitis, sepsis, ARDS, parainfluenza and COVID-19, among which the product for treating allergic rhinitis has already entered into Phase III clinical trials and completed the first patient enrollment. The globally innovative medicine STC3141 for treating severe symptoms and critical illnesses such as sepsis has already gotten seven approvals for clinical utilization in five countries and the multi-regional clinical trial (MRCT)  is going smoothly. The globally innovative medicine APAD for treating sepsis independently developed by Grand Pharma and the globally innovative medicine GPN00085 for treating parainfluenza co-developed with Griffith University of Australia have all completed chemical compound screening and entered into pre-clinical research phase.

    The successful launch of the two asthma-treating innovative medicines further diversifies product pipeline in the respiratory and anti-severe-infection areas and enlarges indication coverage to form a positive synergy effect with existent products. In the future, Grand Pharma will continue to implement the developmental concepts of independent R&D and global expansion, forging full life cycle management product cluster for chronic airway diseases and anti-severe-infection product pipeline, making incessant endeavors to cement Grand Pharma's industry status in this field.