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  • Accelerating Global Innovation, Opening Ceremony of Grand Pharma Optics Valley R&D Center and Extensive Intervention Production and R&D Platform


    On August 19, 2022, the opening ceremony of Grand Pharma Wuhan Optics Valley R&D Center (“the Center”) and Extensive Intervention Production and R&D Platform (“the Platform”) was held at Donghu High-tech District Precision Medicine Industry Base, officially putting the Platform into operation.  


    (Photo: A group photo of participants and distinguished guests on the opening)

    The Center, as one of the world’s top ten Grand Pharma R&D centers and R&D subject in China, will undertake and transform Grand Pharma’s internationalized innovative drug R&D and technical innovation, marking a new milestone in the company’s global innovation. It focuses on the R&D of innovative drugs in anti-infection, tumor, ophthalmology, cardiovascular diseases, and other treatment areas, as well as high-end preparations, polypeptide drugs and high-end medical instruments. It also gives full play to the R&D advantages of enterprise internationalization and, together with the Australian R&D Center and Griffith University, devotes to the discovery of innovative drugs. By virtue of the advantages of the Platform, the Center will accelerate the R&D, transfer, and registration of innovative drugs, establish a strategic cooperation relationship with Wuhan Institute of Virology, Wuhan University, Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, Wuhan Union Hospital, and other research institutes and medical institutions in China, carry out pre-clinical research and clinical research, and provide technology guarantee and resource guarantee to advance the R&D of new drugs.

    The Platform is a breakthrough for the company’s high-end medical instruments from being ‘introductive’ to ‘innovative’ through the introduction and synchronous localized independent R&D, and will contribute to achieving a distinctive and innovative medical instrument cluster featuring  “Intervention without Implantation”, concurrent treatment of the brain and heart, passive + active” for extensive intervention plate. The Center will attract more international talents with a global vision by virtue of the Donghu High-Tech District’s geographical and talents advantages, contributing to Grand Pharma and domestic innovative drugs and innovative technology, and providing more advanced and diversified treatment plans for patients around the world.

    In recent years, Grand Pharma has focused on the development of its global industry, continues to build a complete industrial chain of R&D, production, and sale, and makes great achievements. In terms of pharmaceutical technology, it focuses on the product lines of each treatment field that pioneered anti-infective drugs for critical illnesses, such as STC3141 and APAD. In terms of anti-tuberculosis and anti-tumor diagnosis and treatment, it focuses on the two categories of products, that is, tumor intervention and radionuclide drug conjugate (RDC), based on the treatment concept of integrating tumor diagnosis and treatment. In the field of cardiovascular precision intervention diagnosis and treatment technology, it adheres to the treatment concept of “Intervention without Implantation”, and realizes the all-round strategy in the areas of pathway management, structural heart disease, electrophysiology, and heart failure. In the field of biotechnology, it develops the high-quality amino acid based on the management philosophy integrating “new technology, high quality, industry chain, and internationalization”, gives full play to the diversified extension of industrial advantages, and fills the industry gap through the new technology of production of multiple amino acids based on synthetic biology and China’s new and world-leading biological method.