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  • Second Generation of ELLANSÉ® Makes Stunning Debut at Sinclair’s New Product Launch


    On June 19, Sinclair Aesthetics (“Sinclair”) hosted a new product launch at the Shangri-La Hotel in Shanghai, featuring the debut of the second generation of ELLANSÉ® products, the “Regenerative Haute Series”, which included ELLANSÉ® Zhenyan™, ELLANSÉ® Jinyan™, and ELLANSÉ® Zhizhen™. The event was attended by over 400 medical experts, industry leaders, key media, and institutional representatives from around the world.


    Sinclair collaborated with multiple artists to create an immersive aesthetic space for the launch event. The company expressed gratitude to Chinese beauty seekers and partners, highlighting plans to increase investment in the Chinese market in the future to provide better anti-aging solutions to Chinese beauty seekers. At the same time, industry experts present praised Sinclair’s continuous innovation in product development and acknowledged the significant contributions of ELLANSÉ® to the medical aesthetics industry over the past three years. They also expressed their anticipation for the new product launch. With the successful hosting of this event, the “haute era” of ELLANSÉ® medical aesthetics has been unveiled, promising greater innovation and breakthroughs in the industry.


    ELLANSÉ® is one of the representative brands under Sinclair. Since entering the Chinese market in 2021, it has quickly sparked an industry “regeneration craze.” In this upgraded iteration, ELLANSÉ® has focused on the micro level, utilizing more uniform and refined PCL microsphere particle size screening to classify PCL microspheres into three categories: large, medium, and small, and launched the new second-generation products—Zhenyan, Zhizhen, and Jinyan. Sinclair’s department heads shared with attendees the advantages and medical basis of the second-generation ELLANSÉ® products, discussing their marketing, clinical, and research perspectives, and highlighting the products’ refined classification and strong collagen activation capabilities.


    The upgrade of the ELLANSÉ® product system this time not only presents higher quality choices for beauty seekers in China and globally, but also sets a new benchmark in the medical aesthetics industry with a “haute” approach, defining the future direction of regenerative medical aesthetics. It marks the beginning of a new chapter for the industry and, with foresight, initiates a new trend.


    About Sinclair Aesthetics

    Founded in the United Kingdom in 1971, Sinclair Aesthetics boasts nearly 50 years of scientific research. The company has rapidly grown in the global market, becoming an innovative medical aesthetics company integrating research and development, production, sales, and services. It has also established a strong, differentiated, and complementary product portfolio, including injectables, energy-based devices, and beauty spa solutions (INJECTABLE & EBD & BEAUTY SPA). Their offerings range from the regenerative injectable filler brand ELLANSÉ® (ELLANSÉ S and M models), the innovative high-end hyaluronic acid Maili series products, the photoelectric radiofrequency brand Reaction, and the V20/30 series to the beauty spa cold touch beauty device CoolSnow and the new generation facial cleansing beauty device Préime Derma Facial, Sinclair Aesthetics is committed to providing effective, long-lasting, high-quality, and natural-looking “one-stop” solutions for beauty seekers.


    Since its establishment, Sinclair has focused on the development of high-quality medical aesthetic products, now operating six major research and development centers worldwide: in Chester, the United Kingdom; Almere, the Netherlands; Lyon, France; Geneva, Switzerland; Barcelona, Spain; and Israel. It empowers its product development advantages with robust technological support and cutting-edge industry insights, and leverages a powerful global operational platform, extending its commercial capabilities to over 80 countries and regions. Adhering to its brand philosophy of “centering around beauty seekers,” the company collaborates closely with global medical experts and laboratories. In 2024, it further advanced its efforts by partnering with Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital on the Asian Virtual Magic Wand project, elevating medical aesthetics to new academic heights. We can look forward to Sinclair bringing new surprises to the global medical aesthetics market in the future.