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  • Grand Pharma brings heavyweight products to the World Health Expo


    Grandpharma (China) Co., Ltd. (00512.HK) (hereinafter referred to as Grand Pharma) participated in the 5th World Health Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Health Expo) with heavy products on April 7th. At the Health Expo, a series of innovative medical products were unveiled, such as Yttrium-90 resin microspheres, which conquered tumors like a “super nuclear bomb”, Enzhuorun, the only triple combination therapy for treating asthma in China, and JEXT, an adrenaline pre-filled injector that entered the Greater Bay Area for the first time.


    Picture shows: Grand Pharma appeared at the 5th World Health Expo

    At this exhibition, Grand Pharma exhibited products from six major business segments, including anti-tumor diagnosis and treatment with nuclear medicine, precise intervention of diagnosis and treatment for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular emergency treatment, respiratory and severe infection treatment , otorhinolaryngology, and high-quality amino acids. From these six segments, relevant projects and progress of innovative products under research were presented. Dozens of cutting-edge technologically innovative products appeared brilliantly at Grand Pharma’s booth in the biochemical pharmaceutical hall, providing fruitful technological achievements and health blueprints of Grand Pharma for the Health Expo with the theme of “Health Community and Technological Innovation for the Future”.

    Anti-tumor diagnosis and treatment with nuclear medicine segment: Grand Pharma exhibited Yttrium [90Y] microsphere injection ( commercial name: Yigan Tai®) is an innovative product for  liver malignancy treatment, which  has been approved  as the only radioactive drug in China for colorectal cancer liver metastasis. 


    Picture shows: Yttrium [90Y] microsphere injection (commercial name: Yigan Tai®)

    Precise intervention of diagnosis and treatment for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases segment: Grand Pharma exhibited multiple cutting-edge products, such as  HeartLight X3 laser ablation platform for global innovative treatment of atrial fibrillation (AF), aXess, which is a global innovative endogenous tissue repair product for blood dialysis, OTW (Over The Wire) intracranial balloon expansion catheter Caiyu®, occlusion balloon catheter Tihu®, and NOVASIGHT as a new medical imaging equipment for intracavity diagnosis.


    Picture shows: Grand Pharma’s cardiovascular and cerebrovascular precise intervention of diagnosis and treatment exhibition area

    Respiratory and severe infection treatment segment: Grand Pharma exhibited two global innovative compound preparations for treating asthma - Enzhuorun® Bishele® (referred to as Enzhuorun®) and Enmingrun® Bishele® (referred to as Enmingrun®). Among them, Enzhuorun® is the first triple compound inhaled medication approved for asthma indications in China.

    Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular emergency treatment segment: Grand Pharma exhibited products such as Lishuan®, Nofukang®, Rui’anji®, Nengqilang®, which are widely acknowledged by the market. Regarding three major emergency scenarios such as in-hospital emergency, pre-hospital emergency and social emergency, Clinical emergency products were developed by Grand Pharma – and displayed at the Health Expo concentratedly.

    Otorhinolaryngology segment: Grand Pharma has commercialized almost  30  products in ophthalmology including Hexuemingmu tablets and Ruizhu tablets, which cover most mainstream indications such as dry eyes, fundus hemorrhage, glaucoma, cataract. In the field of biotechnology, Grand Pharma demonstrated a developmental trend of “high quality, well-prepared industrial chain and better internationalization”, and showcases its latest health products.

    At Grand Pharma’s booth, visitors witnessed a leading innovation corporate that continuously strengthens technological innovation and research investment. In 2022, Grand Pharma invested approximately HKD 2.45 billion in R&D, with 136 new patents recently authorized  and  599 valid patents in total. Currently, it has six technology platforms and ten R&D centers worldwide, Which has achieved 38 major milestone events including product innovation, international registration, major mergers and acquisitions.

    Grand Pharma also showcased its achievements in social responsibility by actively participating in general education support, innovative scientific research support, rural revitalization construction, medical-patient education support and other public welfare undertakings. Grand Pharma has established platforms such as “National Basic Drug Production Base”, “National Reserve Emergency Drug Production Enterprise”, “National Small Variety Drug (Shortage Drug) Concentrated Production Base Construction Unit”, etc., which undertakes the social responsibility as pharmaceutical enterprises.