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  • SIR-Spheres® Yttrium-90 Microspheres Injections Introduced by Grandpharma Officially Launched in Chinese Market


    On June 19, 2022, Grandpharma (0512.HK) announced that a "nuclear weapon" innovative medical product to treat liver malignant tumors -- SIR-Spheres® yttrium-90 microsphere injections  (trademark in Chinese charters: 易甘泰®, read as “Yigantai”) was officially launched in Chinese market. This product was introduced by Grandpharma’ oncology unit, Wuhan Shetai Medical Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Shetai Medical).  At the launching conference, 7 Academicians from Chinese Academy of Engineering and Chinese Academy of Sciences,30 chairman level experts from medicine associations, and 500 experts from departments of oncology, intervention, nuclear medicine, surgery and radiology of well-known top grade hospitals connected via video links to celebrate the launching of SIR-Spheres® yttrium-90 microsphere injections, and sent their best wishes to patients who underwent SIR-Spheres® treatment to obtain the expected therapeutic effect.


    (Photo: Guests at the conference jointly announced the launching of SIR-Spheres® yttrium-90 microsphere injection)

    At the launch conference, Dr. Tang Weikun, also the Chairman of Board of Grandpharma expressed that Grandpharma has always been committed to developing good products to meet unmet clinical needs and help patients get rid of diseases. In 2021, Grandpharma performed China's first licensed liver cancer surgery with SIR-Spheres® yttrium-90 microsphere injection in Boao, Hainan. In January 2022, SIR-Spheres® yttrium-90 microsphere injections were approved for launch by National Medical Products Administration, and the first group of liver cancer patients’ surgeries was successfully carried out using these new products in May 2022. Now, SIR-Spheres® yttrium-90 microsphere injections is accepted and adopted by increasing numbers of domestic grade-A hospitals, which provides a large number of Chinese liver tumor patients with a new and effective treatment method, creating potential opportunities for surgical removal of tumors. SIR-Spheres® yttrium-90 microsphere injections also fill the vacancy of regional treatment of colorectal cancer liver metastases (CRLM), marks a brand-new milestone of international-level precision interventional therapy program in liver cancer treatment in China. Furthermore, clinical trials of several radionuclide drug conjugates covering more than ten cancer types will be activated in China in the future.

    Seven academicians and other guests participated in the launch conference in different places. They congratulated Grandpharma for the approval of SIR-Spheres® yttrium-90 microsphere injections and the good therapeutic effect demonstrated from several liver tumor patients in different hospitals.

    In the second half of the launch conference, 500 experts from different disciplines in the nine places across China held extensive and in-depth academic discussions on the modern management and treatment of SIR-Spheres® yttrium-90 microsphere injections. They have reached unanimous consensus that patients with liver tumors are expected to be treated with SIR-Spheres® yttrium-90 microsphere injections for down-staging therapies, thus creating opportunities for curative surgeries such as liver resection or liver transplantation. This innovative treatment method is expected to be available for Chinese patients and give new hope to many patients with colorectal cancer liver metastases (CRLM).


    (Photo: Seven academicians and multiple experts witnessed the launch of SIR-Spheres® yttrium-90 microsphere injections in China)

    As of June 2022, several liver tumor patients have undergone treatment with SIR-Spheres® yttrium-90 microspheres injections in China’s renowned hospitals, including Boao Super Hospital in Hainan Province, Hunan Provincial People's Hospital, Tianjin Medical University Cancer Insititute& Hospital, Zhongda Hospital Southeast University, The First Affiliated Hospital of Xi 'an Jiaotong University, and Cancer Hospital of The University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and The First Hospital of China Medical University.


    (Picture: SIR-Spheres® yttrium-90 microspheres injections)

    In recent years, Grandpharma has prospectively laid out its strategy on global innovation and leading by science and technology. With SIR-Spheres® yttrium-90 microsphere injections as its core, Grandpharma has established a radiopharmaceutical diagnosis and treatment platform, and achieved a comprehensive layout in research, production, and marketing fields worldwide. A complete industrial chain has been established by Grandpharma. Now, there are ten innovative products available in Grandpharma’s radiological diagnosis and treatment platform, covering six nuclides including 68Ga, 177Lu, 131I, 90Y, 89Zr and 99mTc. In terms of indications, the platform covers six cancer types including liver cancer, prostate cancer, clear cell renal cell carcinoma, brain glioma, gastrointestinal pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor, and malignant tumor bone metastasis. In terms of product categories, the platform covers diagnostic and therapeutic nuclide drugs, providing cancer patients with the world's leading anti-tumor solutions with multiple methods and integrated diagnosis and treatment. At present, Grandpharma’s radiopharmaceutical diagnosis and treatment platform has more than 400 employees around the world, among which employees with master and doctor degrees account for nearly 40%; Grandpharma has three radiopharmaceutical research and development bases and five radiopharmaceutical production bases around the world. The radiopharmaceutical diagnosis and treatment platform is currently one of the most globalized parts of Grandpharma.

    In the future, Grandpharma will continue to focus on fulfilling the unmet clinical needs of patients, accelerating the introduction of innovative products, desiring for enabling more domestic patients to use innovative drugs with good international treatment effects.