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    Before using the website, please carefully read the following provisions.

    1. Foreword

    Please carefully read the provisions as stipulated in the legal statements if any user wants to access to the website of China Grand Enterprises, Inc. (www.chinagrandinc.com, hereinafter referred to as the Website).

    Once you use the content of the Website, it is understood that you agree to abide by all provisions as stipulated in this statement.

    2. Protection of Privacy Right

    We will not ask for or collect your personal information before you access to the Website. However, we will add an electronic tag (cookies) to your hardware driver so that the server can identify your computer and track the data information. “Cookies” will not restore your personal information and you can keep anonymous before us. The information collected from cookies can only be for the interior purposes or for improving the contents of the website and the browser. If you are unwilling to accept them, you may set your browser to refuse cookies.

    3. Prospective Statement

    Part of the website consents, especially those on the possible or predictable future performances, costs, dividends, incomes, operation, business expansion or other trend, are prospective. Those contents are not the historical facts but the hypothesis, forecasting and prospect compiled as per the businesses operated by the Company and the market situations.

    The true result or development may be of great discrepancy with the prospective statement due to various elements, anyone who uses the website shall not rely on the contents that reflected the opinions at the time. The Company has no responsibility to upgrade the prospective statement so as to reflect the events or situation occurring after the publishing.

    4. Disclaimer

    The website is established for the purpose of introducing the Company. The Company will make greatest efforts to examine and verify the contents of the web, but it will not guarantee by any means, expressed or implied, the correctness, promptness, validity, stability, availability, or the non-infringement against the rights of the other, does not ensure the stability of the server, nor does it guarantee you to browse, read, copy or use the website, does not ensure you can browse, read, copy and use the website at any time, doesn’t not ensure the accuracy or completeness of the words, graphs, materials, links, descriptions or other items contained in the website, not does it guarantee that the contents of the website has no error that arises due to printing, copying or entering.

    The Company may modify the contents of the website at any time without separate notice, it doesn’t ensure to upgrade the website content as the situation changes, nor does it ensure to inform you of such upgrading.

    All materials contained in the website are for reference only. In any case, the Company will take no responsibility for any direct, indirect or incidental loss (including but not limited to the profit loss, information/data missing, property damage, etc) caused to the user of the website or the third party due to the use of the website.

    All the links contained in the website is to provide convenience to the user, but the linked website is not within the control scope of the website, it is understood that the user is deemed not to access to the website if he/she browse the other website via the link contained in the website, therefore, the Company will not take any responsibility for any content transmitted from the linked website or the content conveyed from or contained in the linked website.

    5. Prohibition

    When accessing to the website, any user is prohibited to use the information contained in the website for any illegal purpose, and not to infringe the legal rights and interests of the Company or the third party, or has any behavior that hinders or is to hinder the normal operation of the website by any means.

    6. Judicial jurisdiction

    Any lawsuit or dispute arising from or relating to the website shall be governed by the laws of the People’s Republic of China (not including the laws of Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan areas).

    Any lawsuit relating to the website shall be brought to the court within one year after the cause is delivered to the parties thereto and shall be judged by the court under the jurisdiction of the place where the company locates.