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  • Huadong Medicine Ellansé’s Official Launch in China Met with Wide Acclaim by Authorities in the Medical Beauty Industry


    On August 29th, Sinclair Pharma (“Sinclair”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Huadong Medicine Co., Ltd. (“HMC”), held a grand new product launch event to announce the official launch of the company’s key product Ellansé in Mainland China’s market.

    At the launch event, the CEO of Sinclair in the Greater China region mentioned that Sinclair, founded in the UK in 1979, has conducted profound scientific research for nearly 50 years. In 2009, Ellansé was launched in Europe. Since then, it has been used safely in more than 60 countries and regions, and is deeply trusted and loved by experts and consumers around the world. In April this year, Ellansé became the first imported regenerative medicine to be certified as a Class III Medical Device by China’s National Medical Products Administration (“NMPA”). Thanks to its unique position and diverse product lines such as frozen fat-melting energy source products, new high-end lidocaine-containing hyaluronic acid filler MaiLi series products and Silhouette Instalift™ for facial tissue lifting and embedding- the only product of the same kind approved by US FDA, Sinclair will enjoy a long-term development in the future. Sinclair has long been committed to building the professional online training platform - Sinclair Education, providing high-quality professional training for certified medical personnel, in-depth teaching for medical experts, and practical online education resources for partners.”



    According to published reports, Ellansé, unlike traditional fillers, is a three-in-one regenerative filler, and is composed of 30% PCL microspheres and 70% CMC gel carrier. Combined with the exclusive STAT patented microsphere preparation technology, Ellansé can not only fill and shape the tissue in an instant, but also boost autologous collagen restoration, leading to a more natural facial rejuvenation, which usually can be maintained up to 12 months in a best-case scenario. Its core ingredients, PCL and CMC, are safe for the human body, and they will be naturally metabolized without any residue. In addition, Ellansé has obtained EU’s CE certification and approval from the NMPA.

    The launch event gathered the most authoritative experts in China's medical beauty industry. Zhang Bin, the president of the Chinese Association of Plastics and Aesthetics, attended the event. He emphasized that medical beauty, being a medical care service, should honor its true essence, attach importance to doctor training, and strive to explore the academic potentials of Chinese doctors. It is enterprises’ basic responsibility to provide new high-tech medical beauty products to the Chinese people, similar to that enjoyed by the people of developed countries. Professor Qi Zuoliang, former dean of the Plastic Surgery Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor Luo Shengkang, Director of Plastic Surgery Department of Guangdong Second Provincial General Hospital, Professor Cui Haiyan, Director of Plastic Surgery Department of Tongji Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University, and other industry experts had also attended the event, acknowledging Ellansé’s safe, long-lasting, natural, and immediate effects, and are optimistic about its future in the Chinese market.


    (The launch event gathered many of the authoritative experts in the Chinese medical beauty industry)

    At the event, Ye Tan, a well-known financial critic, enthusiastically discussed Sinclair’s market prospects and the future development trend of the medical beauty industry with industry experts and Sinclair’s senior executives at the Ellansé Medical Beauty Future Forum. Ye pointed out that China's medical beauty industry is rapidly developing, where regenerative products are inevitable in the evolution of medical beauty products, and the consumers are more rational and will make the best choice.


    (Ye Tan, a well-known financial critic, attended the launch event for Ellansé)

    It is reported that Sinclair has completed the training of the first batch of injection doctors and institutions, and it is expected to finish the training of about 200 certified institutions in 2021 to accelerate its business layout in Mainland China’s market. In the future, Sinclair will always focus on the needs of beauty seekers, providing professional training for doctors of the certification agencies and safety education for consumers to ensure a safe and phenomenal experience for every beauty seekers.