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  • Grand Opening of Chengdu Grand Shopping Center Forging a "New Epicenter on the axis of the City of Paradise”


    On December 26th , during the morning hours, the grand opening ceremony dubbed as "Southbound Rebirth" for the Chengdu Grand Shopping Center was officially launched. With a refurbished fully upgraded setup and a fresh stance, Chengdu Grand Shopping Center is determined to forge the "New Epicenter on the axis of the City of Paradise".


    Chengdu Grand Shopping Center is the first shopping center planned and managed by China Grand Group in China's southwest. In 2020, Chengdu Grand Shopping Center put down its root in the southern part of the city, which is situated in the southern section of the Tianfu Avenue of Chengdu City's high-tech zone, occupying a pivotal point of the whole avenue. With the Building B's launch, the integral scale of the project covers a massive area of 280,000 square meters with a potential customer base of 5.7 million permanent inhabitants.


    Joining hands with the artist Zhang Zhanzhan, we proudly present the first public art project in Southwest China.

    During the opening ceremony, Chengdu Grand Shopping Center invited the modern art world celebrity Zhang Zhanzhan,  mostly noted for his "healing school style" to bring on the first public art project in Southwest China. At ground zero, his new work "the Rabbit Sculputral Series" was displayed at site. Also worth mentioning is the 3-meter-high monolithic structure named as "Blue Friend", which is a bold try of the mixture of newly developed fiber materials and sculptural interpretation. This was also the masterpiece's debut shown in a public locale aimed at promoting the city-dwellers' aesthetic bearings through public art display.


    Rich and colorful business composition satisfy a quality lifestyle in the southern urban area

    This time, the focus of Building B lies at the introduction of a myriad of high-end fashion brands to replenish Building A's business format. The Building A ispositioned as the "center for quality life" while Building B is established as the "center for high fashion" to make dual-folded efforts to forge a quality life and social interaction space in the southern part of the city. By integrating international cosmetics brands, stylish gadget retailing, selective seasonal delicacies, all day dining, sportsware and trendy gaming and entertainment, lifestyle items and Homepark supermarket, with a rich and diverse catalogue of merchandise, a dazzling combination of brands and IPs, efficient use of space and the advantage of shared foot traffic, Chengdu Grand Shopping Center reinforces its image of a customer attraction spot.

    Technology illuminates architectural design, rich sight and sound incubates a must-see place.

    The interactive Tunnel connecting Building A and B—11 PM SHOW,  utilizing the digitally controlled starry ceiling, high LM projector and flexible screen, 3D paramaterized design, constitutes an optimal fusion of morphic design and technical know-how, revamping the tunnel into the best show platform.



    The linkage tunnel of Building B and metro station - a journey of music box orchestration, the affluent color gradients and the iconic floor ceramic tile in the tunnel draw their inspirations from the idea of a music box, along with the ceiling’s wind chime design at the entrance, trigger an enjoyable social life experience with soothing and elegant melodies.


    Chengdu Grand Shopping Center is stationed in the "Tianfu Axis" of Chengdu City-Tianfu Avenue at the intersection of the high-tech zone and Tianfu new district. Inherited Chengdu's past and present, its geographical location is second to none. Relying on a full spectrum of goods and merchandise, comfortable and elegant shopping environment and differentiated target marketing, personalized customer service and refined operational stuff, Chengdu Grand Shopping Center will thrive together along with the southern city to become a "New Epicenter on the axis of the City of Paradise".