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  • Yuanda Shuyang's New Production Base for Blood Products Officially Put into Operation


    On April 8, 2022, a new production base (West High-tech Zone) for blood products of Sichuan Yuanda Shuyang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.("Yuanda Shuyang"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yuanda Life Science Group Co., Ltd, was officially put into operation, marking the comprehensive upgrade of Yuanda Shuyang's informatized and industrialized manufacturing platform for blood products. This also promoted the company's high-quality development in implementing the Made in China 2025 and Healthy China 2030 strategies.


    (Image: Yuanda Shuyang's new production base for blood products)

    Yuanda Shuyang's new production base, located in the West High-tech Zone of Chengdu and covers an area of 180 mu.It  has a blood product line that can produce 3 main types of plasma at the same time, which are human albumin, immunoglobulin, and coagulation factors, thereby fulfilling the production needs of the entire product chain. The annual plasma supply capacity of a single unit is 1,500 tons and can reach up to 2,000 tons, which has made the company one of the leading companies of its kind in Asia. The company continues to focus on and deepen its efforts in technological innovation and innovation improvement in the blood products industry, and promotes the construction of innovation bases integrating informatization and industrialization for sterile manufacturing.

    To build the corporate brand, "Shuyang Quality", Yuanda Shuyang has become a demonstration ground of intelligent digital factories found on the framework of Industry 4.0 through the integration of informatization and industrialization in the field of sterile preparations. The entire manufacturing platform focused on PCS (Process Control Systems), which is viewed as the "nerve center" of the production line, and fully integrated production information through information systems such as plasma management system, storage management system, LIMS, QMS, and EMS\BMS. Over 500 sets of equipment and hundreds of quality testing devices in the whole workshop are controlled through the more than 36,000 automatic control points, which enables the meticulous and orderly quality control process.


    (Images: Yuanda Shuyang's intelligent digital factory)

    Yuanda Shuyang's new production base brings together top strengths around the world, and in terms of design and constructions, utilizes internationally renowned brands for the equipment and devices in the main production process. RGVs, AGVs, industrial robots, automated packaging, vacuum feeding, and other facilities and equipment were also used to fully automate the entire workshop.

    At the same time, the base is equipped with a digital visual system, digital workshop central control, security video surveillance, and facility control center, which allow a comprehensive digitalization on campus management such as scheduled distribution, real-time feedback, process management, and authority auditing through data collection from more than 3,000 sensors and logical operation.

    Yuanda Shuyang has always held onto the "Shuyang quality", constantly forging ahead and innovating. Through the iteration of technology, product innovation, and hardware upgrade, it made through hardships on the market and has rapidly grown into one of the leading enterprises with comprehensive advantages in the blood products industry in China.

    In the future, aiming to serve the market, the company will continue to realize its vision and goal to become an international high-quality service provider of a complete blood products chain and contribute to the progress of human health through scientific and technological R&D and intelligent manufacture.