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  • Grand Resources Group Ranked the Fifth in 2013 Ningbo Top 100 Enterprises


    Ningbo Entrepreneur Confederation and Ningbo Entrepreneur Association released the list of 2013 Ningbo Top 100 Enterprises in Nanyuan Hotel in the afternoon of July 18, 2013. With main business revenue of RMB 36,322.14 million yuan, Grand Resources Group Corporation was ranked the fifth in 2013 Ningbo Top 100 Comprehensive Enterprises and the second in 2013 Ningbo Top 100 Service Enterprises.


    Despite the overall challenging economic situations in the first half of 2013, through business transformation, Grand Resources Group has gained a net profit of RMB 98.05 million, corresponding to an annual growth rate of 100%. CGE’s bugle calls for business transformation are in the air. Braving the winds and waves, flagship CGE is sailing in the sea of trade business to achieve greater glories!