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  • Grand Real Estate Guiyang Acquired a High-quality Land Parcel in Guanshanhu District, Guiyang at the price of RMB 1.34 Billion


    On June 30, Grand Real Estate Guiyang Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CHINA GRAND ENTERPRISES, INC., acquired a high-quality commercial-residential land parcel in Guiyang at the price of RMB 1.34 billion. The land parcel is located in the core area of Guanshanhu District, Guiyang City, close to Grand Meiyu Project,  and  sits on Guanshanhu Park (about 6,000 mu),  seamlessly connected to Metro Line No.S2. Its construction land area covers about 198 mu, the total building area is about 800,000 m3, and the planned investment is about RMB 8 billion.



    (Land Parcel Map)

    According to the plan, the project will be based on the natural concept of Guanshanhu Park, supported by the river scenery of Xiaowanhe ECO River Wetland Park to create a high end holiday-like commercial center, with harmonious coexistence between nature and city, open space, green surroundings, and scattered layout. Meanwhile, the project will integrate five-star hotel, shopping mall, high-end residential area, riverside commercial street and other diversified business models, and lead the City’s one-stop leisure, entertainment, living and consumption experience .

    Presently, the bidding phase for the planning, construction and design of the project has commenced, and the construction is expected to officially start in 2020. After completion, the project will promote the diversified development of the city’s business circle, iterate the new commercial center of Guiyang, and become an important access to promote economic growth.