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    The Grand Opening of Chengdu GSC Grand Shopping Center was held on December 19, marking the first shopping center of Grand Business Group in the southwest market. Located at the center of Tianfu Avenue, Chengdu GSC Grand Shopping Center follows the development trend of “Chengdu towards the South”, and is positioned as the “Place of Recreation in South”, and will focus on young lifestyles, lead a new life in the south of the city, and build the new landmark of Chengdu.

    With 130,000m2 total mass, Chengdu GSC Grand Shopping Center is jointly created by three top construction design companies, including CallisonRTKL, Benoy and WATG. The overall built-in concept of the project is positioned as “Growth”, meaning that Grand Shopping Center will take root at the core of the south of the city, improve its overall business atmosphere by creating scenes, and make the business space become the social contact yard and quality life center linking “all people” in a real sense. Accurate strategies are adopted to analyze consumption habits of customer groups in the region, and break through the homogeneous competition. Besides, the Shopping Center has also introduced the new generation of super fancy comprehensive cinema, “Bestar Cinema”, the new entertainment brand, “RASS13 District” and other interesting trans-boundary lessees as well as many life experience retail chain brands favored by the public. In addition to business format combinations of traditional shopping centers, it focuses more on creating life-oriented consumption experience, and meeting the consumption demands of all ages. As many famous catering brands are settled, it will match the diversified social contact and family union demands of customer groups as well. It’s engaged in creating a shopping center with differences in catering categories in Nantianfu Region.


    Different from conventional shopping centers, Chengdu GSC Grand Shopping Center cooperated with HomePark and many other famous brands in creating Guyue Jinfeng Bookstore, and many boutique and creative coffee centered brands owned by Grand were firstly presented in Chengdu collectively, to bring a wonderful life experience to consumers in Chengdu. HomePark located on Floor B1 is inspired by “Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival” in its design, and the flourishing alley scenes in Northern Song Dynasty were integrated into HomePark, to create “Our Town”, and reflect a supermarket space featured of traditional Chinese styles.

    The Grand self-owned brands firstly settled in Chengdu have established emotional contacts with young consumers via rich immersive experience scenes, strengthened social contact functions and themes, and created more vigorous internet famous landmarks. Based on special culture symbols, Chengdu Grand Shopping Center has adhered to the creative thoughts of layer marketing, and has not only integrated “recreation” attitude into life based on business formats, but also built a multi-dimensional space for young people to meet, discover and share with each other.

    As the debut of Grand Business Group in the southwest, Chengdu GSC Grand Shopping Center uses “recreation” as the carrier, integrates multi-dimensional business formats, attitude brand clusters, and creative consumption scenes, to bring new lifestyles beyond traditions. In addition to improving the quality and grade of consumption, it will become a key site driving regional consumption and the place of cultural life in the south of the city, and is bound to become the new landmark of Chengdu.