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  • HomePark, Grand Shopping Center was Ranked in"The Best Stores of China 2020"


    During the 20th Anniversary of China Retail Ceremony held in Hangzhou on April 8, 2021, HomePark Chengdu received "The Best Stores of China 2020" award through field investigation, expert Q&A, network voting and field review.                                        1.jpg2.jpg

    Established by Linkshop.com, "Selection of the Best Stores of China" award has been held for 7 years, and has become the focal point and benchmark of the industry. Among numerous stores across the country, the accreditation team recognizes the stores that are extremely innovative, provide customers with fresh experience, and conclusively select the most innovative “Best Stores in China” which could realize constantly high customer flow, create excellent sales performance, and provide references for the development of retail industry.

    HomePark first store was established in Harbin in 1999, as a subordinated brand of Grand Shopping Center, it was originally built as an exquisitepavilion providing fresh commodities and daily groceries. HomePark Chengdu division, currently the fourth store opened after its Harbin and Haikou siblings, is also the first time to be unveiled in Chengdu. Inside the store, it adopts architectural features of ancient towns and prosperous streets in the East as inspirations, to lay out a vivid and fascinating scenery experience. Meanwhile, it’s also set with adjuvant professional buyer team, to search for authentic food, famous manor and wine, regional landmark cuisine, and to seek out advantageous bases across the globe to install self-owned brands. Homepark Chengdu is committed to creating a distribution platform bringing landmark food, wine and food collection and at home and abroad. On the other side, self-run projects with significant differential advantages are also operated in the store, including Gourmet Kitchen School, Prepared Dish and Sichuan Cuisine.


    Meanwhile, based on Ali platform, Homepark Chengdu has implemented full-scale digital management system, and applied electronic price tags, LED and LCD throughout the store, to publicize products and transmit information Besides, collaborating with Chaunve Technology, Homepark Chengdu has also reconstituted the digital space, set up visual guide system, and has realized interactive compasses across the board.

    HomePark provides customers with comprehensive intimate and cozy services by incorporating virtue of digital hardware, differential products and personalized services, to offer customers a convenient and satisfying shopping experience fusion with strong sense of technology.